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Elementary | Part 2

Part 2 - Elementary insights of a contemporary portrait artist and photographer

Andromeda and Ophelia: Mixed Media, Oil paint and photographic print on canvas 4.6 feet x 2.8 feet

Is it just a coincidence that the planet that rules the waters of the world is Neptune and is in Pisces for the first time since the 1850s? Water is more topical now than it has been for millennia.

Water is the universal solvent; it both absorbs and/or dissolves everything. But it is also the element that is most easily polluted.

People are forgetting that global warming involves water changing from ice into liquid. So in environmental terms we have the hard manifested thought (ice) becoming the fluid enigma (liquid).

Water is changing quality and consistency because the melted water is polluted water, with plastic islands the size of Texas floating around in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Furthermore the Fukushima disaster in Japan has polluted 30% of the Pacific Ocean with radioactivity, thus totally changing marine life and what we can harvest from the sea.

Whereas once we would harvest the power of the wind naturally, we then started using water (steam) to power ourselves instead of wind. Our relationship with water is no longer as harmonious as it used to be.

The progress of technology contains far more responsibility and presents more challenges than benefits because it can be used to commit global suicide. My art seeks to serve as a mirror for the unwitting consequences we create when we innovate without awareness.

Universal Solvent: Acrylic paint on canvas 44 inches x 44 inch

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