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Developed With Space Age Technology 

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Support Your Health, Strengthen Your Immune System

The healing effects of palladium on the body was discovered by the Russians accidentally. The first Russian cosmonauts sent into space came back healthier than when they left. Russian scientists spent countless millions to understand why this was since other astronauts experienced a deterioration of health while in space. The scientists discovered that it was the metal palladium that had been woven into the cosmonautsuits that created this healing effect.

Space Age Technology in a Blanket

The incredible healing benefits of the Wellness Blanket comes from the palladium encapsulatedin a film layer of the interior of the blanket. Originally designed by Russian specialists basedupon the principles of bioenergetics and knowledge of the inherent body mechanismsfunctioning as a self-regulating mechanism.

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Pallidum was first discovered in 1802 by William Hyde Wollaston who was working to solve toxic gases found in mines. Mr. Wollaston, being a consummate researcher and scientist, did several studies that proved that palladium helped to detoxify the air in mines. In time palladium was added to the Periodic Chart of Elements with an atomic number of 46. Today, palladium is used in catalytic converters of cars to eliminate toxic fumes from car exhaust. It has also been used in water purification systems along with copper or silver to eliminate toxins from water.

Unfortunately, water purification systems don't widely use palladium
because it is more costly than gold.


Empower Growth

The healing effects of palladium on the body can be understood when considering the body is comprised mostly of water (H2O). Wrapping in the Wellness Blanket helps the body to purify, or detoxify, the hydrogen in the body. Enhancing the body's natural detoxing mechanisms which helps to support an alkaline state. It has been shown that when the body is in an alkaline state it is able to heal disease states, including cancer. The Wellness Blanket corrects and balances the body’s bio-energetic field – it promotes healing in the body, slows the aging process, builds a stronger immune system and recovery from EMF exposure. The blanket acts like a gentle infra-red sauna as it allows your body’s own thermal heat and electromagnetic fields to be reflected back to you. This allows your body to “recharge its biological battery.” There are no negative effects from the use of the Wellness Blanket, only benefits. If interested in all the therapeutic applications of the Wellness Blanket (aka Russian Healing Blanket) please see the PDF [herewith].


If you have any questions about any of the various options, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are happy to answer any and all of your questions.




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