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George H. Lewis is a healer, artist, and polymath. Based partly in the USA and then mainly on the international road; his work focuses around his greatest passion: inspiring people to step into their highest version of themselves. The healing arts are transformative in their ability, through sound and vibration as well as painting, to recalibrate people so they are more aligned with their soul contract. A celebration of the human potential. Human intelligence rather than artificial intelligence.

George has been interested in the spiritual and esoteric world since he was a young man. After graduating with a first class degree in Politics and Political Philosophy from Padua University, Italy, George pursued a painting career. He lived in the Middle East between 2007- 2012, where he was the Court Painter to the Sultan of Oman and exhibited his paintings and photographs throughout the Arabian Peninsula. George has accumulated some unique perspectives from this time living with Bedouin tribes in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Yemen and Oman.

It was during this period that George came to know and read the stars well. From under the vastness of the Arabian Desert, he began to learn and appreciate their symbolic meanings. Between 2013 and 2016, George studied Archetypal Astrology in New York City under the supervision of a number of mentors, including Monty Taylor and the infamous Frank Andrews (Princess Grace and John Lennon’s psychic), going in-depth into a number of different but overlapping  disciplines including Ancient Hellenistic Astrology, Tarot and Palmistry.

In 2015 George was commissioned to paint the Royal Family of Bhutan. By applying his knowledge of astrology he was able to do a more in depth psychological interpretations of the sitter., which he applies to all his commissions. It was in Bhutan while painting that he had the opportunity to work closely with a number of spiritual leaders and monks who taught George the power of vibrational sound bowl healing. It was like a memory from a past life returned and he was able to pick up this talent quite quickly. In 2016 George was also appointed an ambassador for the Kingdom of Bhutan’s “Gross National Happiness” metric system, where he was asked to give lectures around the world on the spiritual dimension of happiness and what its true value is.  In 2017, George qualified in New York City as a sound bowl healer using ancient Eastern protocols and practices.

George’s core interest lies in revealing the true essence and potential of the individual and reminding people of their inherent cosmic connection. Through the language of archetypal astrology and the universal language of frequency we are able to reconnect to the mystical realm of existence and thus integrate the material with the immaterial and synthesize the Western and Eastern perspectives.

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