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An Artist See Things A Politician Cannot

As an Englishman living in New York, I have watched the British vote to leave the EU, and the resulting fall-out, with concern. Not just because we are witnessing the fragmentation of the UK, but because it signals a global shift that could have long-term effects on the human race. The earthquake has been in the making for decades, but this moment symbolises a crossroads between integration and separation on a Global scale.

Brexit has created societal division and anger amongst both sides of the argument. A civilisation cannot be angry unless it is first afraid.  It cannot be afraid unless it thinks it is losing something. Remainer or Brexiteer, we are all afraid of losing something – be that our identity, our territory or our opportunities.  There is a commonality between the Brexit outcome and crowds being attracted to figures such as "President" Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, and the like-minded. These individuals use fear of the other as an active component of their campaigns, taking advantage of our systems’ failure to be holistic. It has led to the rejection of internationalism and the contraction of societies into tribes.  What many fail to realize is that it will not stop there. We may see much greater fragmentation: England and Scotland could split; Wales and Cornwall may seek greater autonomy. In the U.S., even if Ms. Clinton does win, the right wing may get more aggressive, more reactive, and protective of their rights and their way of life. They could demand to be separate and to be independent. As unlikely as this sounds today, the United States of America also might not be so united in  twenty years time let alone fifty.

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