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George H. Lewis

George H. Lewis is an artist, author, astrologer, healer and international speaker, with a passion for raising the awareness of the collective and promoting healing and awakening through the mediums of art, astrology and sound.


This is where the community lives on a daily basis.
I share lots of content here such as free meditations, educational training, and astrological insights. I also share live updates from wherever I may be. We are moving into a new era of Unity through Community, PLEASE let your voice be heard and if you are in a position to support this community financially, please sign up as a Supporter. Supporters gain access to exclusive content such as sound meditations, educational resources,
and much more.​

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This 7-session Live, online course is unlike anything you've experienced, I've designed it for new and experienced astrologers alike- it's alchemized to guide you into your innate wisdom and power.

We will be meeting, twice a week for 90min lessons

maximized for uptake and embodiment.

The class is filling up fast so please don't delay

Astrology & Healing

George provides a range of astrology, therapy and healing services including private appointments and group workshops in the online and at host locations around the world.



A rare and exclusive opportunity to explore Norway like a modern Viking and experience the land of the midnight sun with guest star and astrologer luminaire George H. Lewis and host and expedition leader Ragnhild G. Isdahl.

This retreat begins at a retreat hotel in the mountainous central plateau of Norway , close to the villages of Fagernes and Gol - then continues on to the city of Bergen, famed city of 7 mountains and gateway to the fjords. 

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On this mystical heart-centered journey, you will ignite your innate alchemical abilities as you gain insights from the ancient secrets of the Hermetic principles in an easy to understand format, while learning practical tips on how to use them. Harness their power to shift and upgrade your mindset and your energy into higher frequencies. Featuring energetic healer Katie Bishop, Yoga Nidra guide Ragnhild G. Isdahl, and guest speakers including world renowned astrologer George H. Lewis.

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"When I paint & photograph water I facilitate my

own healing as it develops my empathy. We

cannot hope to heal our oceans and rivers

without first healing ourselves."


Jupiter Collection

High Quality Shungite

I have partnered with Modern Ōm to bring you a very special selection of Shungite jewellery and personal care products.

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Work with George

George is available for international speaking and workshop/retreat facilitation engagements and welcomes the opportunity to collaborate.  Please get in touch if you would like to involve George in your event.


The Boy and The Boy King

A magical book and stunning exhibition on childhood friendship and wonder. Visit the website to order your copy and explore the artwork.


My gift to you. I'll also share some other treats from time to time.

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George has facilitated remarkable healing and transformation for many clients over the years.

Visit the Astrology & Healing page for the full list of services available.

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